Diet After Hair Transplant Surgery | What Food To Eat After Hair Transplant | HairMD, Pune | (HINDI)

Diet After Hair Transplant Surgery | What Food To Eat After Hair Transplant | HairMD, Pune | (HINDI)

Do you know Diet after hair transplant surgery & which foods promote hair growth?

Let us now take a look at what food to eat after hair transplant?
1) Magnesium: Hence it is essential for metabolic reactions and for promoting hair growth. Its deficiency can cause weakness as well as hair loss.
2) Protein: Protein-rich foods are chicken, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, beans and nuts in your diet as these foods are rich in essential amino acids.
3) Omega 3 fatty acids: These are essential for various bodily functions. Oily fish such as salmon and mackerel are good sources of essential fatty acids.
4) Vitamin B family: Vitamin B plays a very important role in your hair structure and growth. After a hair transplant, they are useful as they also facilitate better-wound healing. This is why doctors recommend B complex vitamin supplements after a hair transplant.
Foods rich in vitamin B include chicken, meat, bananas, brown rice, nuts, and eggs.
5) Zinc: Zinc deficiency can cause serious hair loss. That’s why it is important to include zinc in your diet after the procedure. Zinc helps in tissue repair and collagen production. Cashews, spinach, pumpkin seeds are foods rich in zinc.
6) Iron: Iron helps in maintaining proper blood circulation over the scalp. Iron assists in transporting oxygen and essential nutrients to your hair follicles, promoting hair growth. Besides this, iron is also effective in boosting your immunity. So it assists in the healing phase after the surgery.
7) Vitamin E: This is a fat-soluble vitamin that protects your cells and tissues from free radical damage, and helps promote hair growth. In our diet, vitamin E is mainly found in vegetable oils, especially sunflower oil, soybean oil, and corn oil. All nuts, such as peanuts or almonds, are rich sources of vitamin E.
8) Vitamin A: It is a powerful antioxidant. It stimulates hair growth. But be careful, because an excess of vitamin A can also be harmful and cause hair loss as well. Vitamin A containing foods include vegetables, orange, carrot, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes.
Cod liver oil and beef liver are also rich sources of vitamin A.
9) Vitamin C: Vitamin C helps in iron absorption. That’s why it is important to include foods rich in antioxidants in our diet. Pepper, kale, kiwi, broccoli, berries, and citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C.
10) Vitamin D: Vitamin D helps in maintaining the blood levels of calcium and phosphorus and in strengthening your hair follicles. Research has shown that vitamin D plays an important role in hair growth.

Dairy products and eggs are good sources of vitamin D. Vitamin D are also found in cow milk, mushrooms, cereals, fish and other seafood.

0:45 – Hair transplant के बाद क्या खाना चाहिये, क्या नहीं खाना चाहिये|
1:42 – कौनसे foods है, जो बालों की regrowth में मदद करते है|
2:16 – Protein-rich foods कौन कौनसे है|
4:28 – Vitamin E foods कौन कौनसे है|
4:57 – Vitamin A foods कौन कौनसे है||
5:37 – कौन कौनसे Vitamin C rich foods अपने diet में शामिल कीजिये|

What are the best foods for hair growth?

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