Getting to the Root of Hair Loss

Getting to the Root of Hair Loss

Getting to the Root of Hair Loss

Hair loss happens due to a variety of issues, but the question remains, is there any hope once hair loss starts? MDPen says yes! Recent studies have demonstrated that combining MicroNeedling with PRP can facilitate hair growth and prevent future hair loss.

In this video, MDPen Educator Alex Moore performs a MicroNeedling hair treatment on a model at one of our Advanced MicroNeedling Users Workshops. To learn more about our workshops, or to register for one in a city near you, visit us at:

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Learn more about MicroNeedling: MicroNeedling is a safe, effective and minimally invasive procedure which creates a series of micro-channels on the skin, resulting in glowing, smoother and younger looking skin, without the downtime or trauma that is associated with laser or chemical treatments.
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MDPen Skincare: Boost your MDPen MicroNeedling treatment results with our topical serums. Our proprietary line of products is never tested on animals and includes vegan formulations containing organic ingredients.
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