GOING BALD AT 21 – Shaving My Head And Moving On | NO MORE HATS/BALDING

GOING BALD AT 21 – Shaving My Head And Moving On | NO MORE HATS/BALDING

Welcome to Charlie’s Story.

I want to give a massive thank you to Charlie for talking openly and honestly about his experience in dealing with going bald and having a receding hairline since the age of 17.

Having this conversation is a big part of helping others gain the confidence to accept themselves for all the good things and move past worrying about the natural process of Male Pattern Baldness.

I hope you enjoy this slightly different style of Bald Cafe Live!

Charlie initially went for the 1 guard buzz cut and soon went for the shorter cleaner buzz cut. No more hats, no more hiding. All in on the good stuff and ready to smash university graduation and beyond. Cheers Charlie 👍 You’re a legend.


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