Hair Fall Treatment / Hair Transplant – Cost बाल झड़ने का इलाज / गंजापन Explain Dr Rupal (2019)

Hair Fall Treatment / Hair Transplant – Cost बाल झड़ने का इलाज / गंजापन Explain Dr Rupal (2019)

बाल झड़ने का इलाज / गंजापन FOR PATIENT EDUCATION ONLY – Hair Fall Treatment / Hair Transplant – Cost explains Dr Rupal (2019)

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1 – Can Hair fall happen due to air pollution, water pollution ? 1:08

2 – Can Hair Fall happen due to improper diet ? 1:08

3 – Brief anatomy of hair ? 1:29

4 – Does excess sweating cause Hair Fall ? how ? 1:44

5 – How to know if I have Hair Fall ? How much Hair Fall is normal ? Is it ok if I lose 100 Hairs per day ? 2:16

6 – Which Medicines are used for treatment of Hair Fall ? 2:31

7 – What is the treatment of Alopecia Areata ? How is Alopecia / baldness treated ? 2:50

8 – Information about Hair Transplant – 3:01

9 – How is Hair Transplant done ? 3:05

10 – How Long does Each Session of Hair Transplant last ? 3:13

11 – How many Sessions are required for Hair Transplant ? 3:16

12 – What is the cost of Hair Transplant ? 3;21

13 – How effective is Hair Transplant ? 3:38

14 – What is the Procedure of Hair Transplant ? 3:41

15 – Why does Hair Fall Increase after Hair Transplant ? 4:02

16 – Is Hair Transplant a Permanent Cure for Hair Fall ? Will I have to Repeat Hair Transplant after few Years ? 4:08

17 – Will I again get Hair Fall after Hair Transplant ? 4:10

18 – Which Injections are given in treatment of Alopecia Baldness ? 2:56

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