Hair Transplant Results 9 Months After Thinning From Braids | Dr. Harold Siegel (K)

Hair Transplant Results 9 Months After Thinning From Braids | Dr. Harold Siegel (K)

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K visits the Natural Transplants Fort Lauderdale Clinic 9 months later after her hair transplant to talk with Dr. Matt Huebner about her progress. K had developed Traction Alopecia after years of more aggressive styles of braiding like weaves, and decided it was time to take action and restore her hairline.

Traction Alopecia is common in African American females who wear braided hairstyles for long periods. Natural Transplants prides itself on providing life-changing results to those suffering from Traction Alopecia hair loss.

K’s progress shows impressive growth and a reclaimed hairline. K happily wears braids that aren’t too tight to her head that allow her to show off her full hairline. K’s hair will continue to grow and will last her a lifetime.

We have followed K’s procedure from the beginning here on the Natural Transplants YouTube channel. Watch K’s surgery day which she describes as a “pain-free” process here

But don’t just take it from K: Natural Transplants has over 100 proven results videos and over 225 happy patients testimonials! To watch patient follow-up videos of before and after hair transplant results, view our playlist here at

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Our team of expert doctors has the experience necessary to help your hair look young and full again. Many doctors are marketing hair restoration without any training or experience in the procedure. At Natural Transplants, our results speak for themselves. Our grafts are permanent and will last you a lifetime. Our exclusive High-Yield Unit Extraction® (HUE) Method achieves unprecedented density for our hair loss patients. This is what sets Natural Transplants apart from the rest of the hair transplantation industry!

Get stunning results like K with Natural Transplant’s HUE Method.

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