HOW TO GROW 2-4 INCHES OF YOUR HAIR IN A WEEK! | Fix Hair Fall Problem, Regrow New Hairs |Works 100%

HOW TO GROW 2-4 INCHES OF YOUR HAIR IN A WEEK! | Fix Hair Fall Problem, Regrow New Hairs |Works 100%

Sea salt in shampoo is used to boost hair growth. This remedy is used to stop hair loss. So, if you’re having hair loss, then try to use this trick and see the result. All you need to do is, wash your hair and massage the scalp with the sea salt in shampoo thoroughly.

Caution: if you have dry hair that’s prone to frizz and dead ends, sea salt alone should be approached with caution.

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Sea salt is another form of salt that intensifies blood circulation in the scalp thus boosting hair growth. The various minerals present in sea salt – calcium, zinc, magnesium, bromide, sulphur and sodium chloride – have many benefits which combine to give your hair a much better texture, volume, shine and strength. Homemade Anti Dandruff Sea Salt Mask Helps To Stop Hair Loss And Controls Dandruff.

Sea salt detoxifies the scalp, getting rid of the grease and product which builds up over time.

How often can you use sea salt shampoo?
The thick consistency of sea salt makes it almost like a body scrub and it is only advised that people use it
once or twice a week. This kind of shampoo is particularly good for fine hair because it helps with volume,
but normal or thicker hair will benefit from it too.

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