Make Right Decision – Saw Palmetto or Finasteride for Hair Regrowth, Side Effects Results Compared

Make Right Decision – Saw Palmetto or Finasteride for Hair Regrowth, Side Effects Results Compared

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A true comparision of Finasteride vs sawpalmetto, side effects, results and hair regrowth compared. DHT blocking effects of saw palmetto and Finasteride compared. How to block DHT with Saw Palmetto.

The two FDA approved drugs for hair regrowth are Minoxidil and Finasteride. Minoxidil is also called as Rogaine in some countries, and Finasteride is also called as Propecia. Minoxidil is solution that can be applied topically to promote hair regrowth. Well, we are not talking about Minoxidil now.
So the other one is Finasteride, which is also known as Propecia. This is an internal drug available in the form of small tablets.
The standard dosage of Finasteride is 1mg once per day. Well, this is not so really standard. Everyone takes their own dosage which ever works for them.

Finasteride works by reducing DHT production in the body which is mainly responsible for Hair loss.
DHT is a hormone which is constantly produced in the body. It is a very important hormone for every one. For Males, this is especially a critical hormone. DHT plays a vital role in development of Male specific features like beard, mustache, strong muscles, potency, drive and other factors. So, that’s why DHT is important for Men. So when you take Finasteride/Propecia you actually reduce the DHT which might sometime interfere with Male hormones.
That’s why the dosage of 2mg/day is not suitable for everyone. When you start using it, you may notice side effects like decreased potency, decreased lib and so on. In that case, you will have to work with your doctor to lower the dose and continue for few months and see if that resolves side effects. You keep lowering the dosage until you get optimum benefits and absolutely no side effects. If you ever experience side effects, don’t worry the side effects are purely temporary and they go away once you stop using Finasteride or lower dosage.
That’s why the dosage of finasteride varies by each individual.

Now what about Saw Palmetto. Saw palmetto is a plant native to the Caribbean and United States. Saw palmetto was originally used to treat Urinary bladder and prostate problems, but it was accidentally discovered to treat Hair loss and Androgenetic alopecia, so called baldness. Infact, it works almost like Finasteride in blocking DHT there by treating the hair loss and baldness.
From then Saw Palmetto became so popular and is widely used in all hair regrowth medicines, shampoos, sprays, DHT blocker pills and so on. Now a days, you can find Saw palmetto as major ingredient in most DHT blocking drugs.
So, Propecia or Saw palmetto, which one is best and which one you should use. Let’s look at the the advantages of Finasteride first.
1. Propecia or finsteride is FDA approved for hair loss, but saw palmetto is not approved. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.
2. Finasteride is well studied and its side effects are carefully documented. But Saw palmetto is not well studied. So, it may give some unknown side effects too.

Lets look at advantages of Saw palmetto over finasteride.

1. Saw Palmetto doesn’t need prescription, it is available online or over the counter. While Propecia needs prescription in most countries.
2. Propecia is available as pills, but saw palmetto is available as capsules, powder, hair sprays, and shampoos and so on.
3. The main advantage is less or no side effects. Several people who experienced side effects like impotency, erec issues with finasteride did not see any side effects with Saw palmetto. In other words, Saw palmetto is better tolerated than finasteride in most people.
4. Saw Palmetto is less expensive than finasteride.
5. Saw palmetto 160mg is standard dosage and is similar to finasteride 1mg.

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