Microneedle Therapy with Mens Hair Loss Treatments

Microneedle Therapy with Mens Hair Loss Treatments

Microneedle Therapy with Mens Hair Loss Treatments


The Microneedle Scalp Roller is a therapeutic devise used to prepare the scalp for topical Natural Hair Loss Treatments by creating micro channels from the scalp surface down to the target site the hair follicle and hair bulb.

The medical grade stainless steel microneedles are similar to the non-invasive needles used for acupuncture. The microneedles penetrate the top layers of the scalp without causing damage.

This non-intrusive penetration allows a much higher absorption of topical Natural Hair Loss Treatment products used to treat hair loss, hair thinning and for hair re-growth. Microneedle Therapy as a pre-treatment to Natural Hair Loss Treatment has been shown to increase absorption by 5 times or more. Research also reports the Microneedle Therapy stimulates scalp healing and hair growth by triggering a natural healing response. Studies have shown that Microneedles of 0.75mm depth penetrate the skin enough to enable the absorption of topical Natural Hair Loss Treatments.

Using the Microneedle Therapy creates thousands of quickly healing channels through the scalp surface bypassing barriers for effective Natural Hair Loss Treatment absorption.

Microneedle Therapy with Mens Hair Loss Treatments Absolique Microneedle Scalp Roller Specifications:
• 192 stainless steel Microneedles with 0.75mm needle length
• Process is pain free, just moderate pricking sensation
• Supports collagen and elastin repair and can be used on all areas of the scalp
• Is cost effective, reusable and lasts up to 180 applications when cared for as directed
• Suitable for all skin types except stainless steel allergic skin, active acne, eczma, warts, moles, skin cancers or broken irritated scalp skin
• Should be used only and exclusively by one person

How to use Absolique Microneedle Scalp Roller: Prepare scalp with Scalp Brush Therapy, cleanse scalp at least twice with Absolique Scalp Cleanser, treat scalp with Absolique Scalp Tonique, towel dry hair and scalp before applying Absolique Microneedle Therapy Scalp Roller, use Absolique Microneedle Therapy Scalp Roller in treatment area, apply Natural Hair Loss Treatment products as directed.

When using the Scalp roller at first, use a single motion once over each area of scalp in the treatment area, rolling gently from hairline to crown and back. Work your way in sections to expose the scalp down to the sides. This avoids tangling the roller in longer hair. After time you should roll in multiple directions. Only a gentle to medium pressure should initially be applied. Roll 2-3 times over each section to create multiple channels. The channels close within minutes so you must work fast. When the Microneedle is used as directed it may cause a flush on the scalp which will fade in minutes. The Microneedle Scalp Roller should not cause pain or bleeding when used as directed. If pain or bleeding is experienced reduce the pressure when applying your Microneedle Scalp Roller or check the age of your Microneedle Scalp Roller.

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