What They Do Not Tell You About The Nutra Burst Liquid Multivitamin

What They Do Not Tell You About The Nutra Burst Liquid Multivitamin

Nutra Burst Liquid Multi-Vitamin What They Don’t Tell You

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This is Theresa. Your Global Health Ambassador
Here Are A Few Things You Should Consider Before
Consuming A Liquid Whole Food
Multi-vitamin (Nutra Burst)

1. It is a liquid multi-vitamin. This means
in most cases it gets directly absorbed. Liquid vitamins,
as you may already know are absorbed faster
than traditional vitamins. Basically what
this means is the vitamin goes directly
to the cell so you get the immediate benefits.

Most vitamins have less than a 20% absorption
rate. Why? Most commercial multi-vitamins are
in pill or tablet form. These pills do not
disintegrate quickly in your body so most
of the mineral and nutrients never make it
to your cells.

The Nutra Burst Liquid multi-vitamin has a 98%
absorption rate. That means you can start
feeling the effects of the vitamin almost

Yes, many health food stores carry liquid
vitamins but you have to be careful. Many
contain preservatives that may block the vitamins
from being absorbed into your body.

2. Most pill or capsule form vitamins contain
binders and filers. This is used to help
the product bind or stick together.

3. How many people do you know hate taking
capsules or pills? Most people can barely
swallow capsule or pill form vitamins which
is one of the main reasons most people do
not take a vitamin. It is even worse for
those who suffer from Irritable Bowel
Syndrome or have undergone
bariatric surgery.

4. Some people (on average) spend up to
$200 every month on vitamins in a pill
or capsule form and they are not even getting
the full benefit of the vitamin. That is
definitely a waste of money.

Some people ask: do I really need to take a multi-vitamin. Yes, you can get some vitamins from the food you eat but
for most of us cook our food so long that
we cook most if not all of the
vitamins and nutrients out of the
food. My question to you
is do you get your recommended 7 to 9
servings of fruits and vegetables every
day? If your answer is no then YES, you
need a liquid multi-vitamin.

Nutra Burst is not only a liquid vitamin but
it is also a whole food supplement.

What this means is Whole-food supplements are made of blends of concentrated, dehydrated whole foods, sometimes with added vitamins and minerals. Advocates say that because the nutrients are combined as they are in natural foods, the body can use and absorb them better. In essence: it is giving your body exactly what
it needs. Taking one tablespoon of Nutraburst a day could be equivalent to eating 10 salad.

This includes:

72 minerals
12 herbs
19 amino acids
22 vital nutrients including
Fruits, whole vegetables
12 whole food greens

Nutra Burst even contains Fiber. As you
know you should be getting at least 20-30
grams of fiber in your diet daily.

Are there any known side effects?
As of the recording of this video I am
not aware of any known side effects from
taking a liquid whole food multi-vitamin. If
you are allergic to a fruit or vegetable Please
check the ingredients list in the description
section of this video for more information.

Hair growth, clearer skin, nail growth,
weight loss, colds, asthma, allergies,
energy There are just
too many success stories to list here.

Go to the description section of this
video, locate my phone number and call
me directly. I’ll be more than happy
to answer any of your questions.

Here’s to your health.

Blessings to you.


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